Elegant, Sophisticated, Flattering ... Bridesmaid Dresses Your Maids Will Be Wearing To Parties Long After Your Wedding Day

Your BFFs are very important to you - which is why you've asked them to be your bridesmaids and share in your wedding day.

navy and white long evening dress

So you're hardly going to make them wear dresses that don't flatter - ask your curvy girlfriend to squeeze into a bias cut number that's going to do her no favours. Or your less well-endowed friend to wear a strapless number that quite frankly makes her chest look like an empty envelope.

Oh no. You're a real friend, not a bridezilla and you're going to let them choose dresses that really flatter and suit them - maybe just tie in your wedding theme with colours but leave the style, necklines and length up to them.

short silver cocktail bridesmaid dress Bridesmaids Dresses For Partying

Now why don't you go one step further and suggest some dresses that your bridesmaids love SO much, they are going to be dying to wear them again and again after your big day and celebrations are over. Dresses that look so good, they're going to be on full show at the next party season.

If this is an option, then you're going to be looking at bridesmaid dresses that don't scream bridesmaid dress.  So possibly forget the light pinks, the baby blues, the satins and go for numbers that have a bit more of a cocktail vibe.

Bridesmaid dress and jacket

Dessy has some fabulous cocktail style and evening dresses that are destined to become wardrobe favourites. I've picked out a few here that make great bridesmaids dresses - but could also double up as party dresses. Most of the designs comes in masses of different colour options - reds, blues, greens, purples and remember, it's quite chic to put your bridesmaids in black when you're wearing a white dress yourself.

long navy blue chiffon evening dress   purple satin cocktail dress

Another  thing - check out the Dessy Twist Wrap dress which is a real multi-tasker. It can be worn in a variety of different ways, comes in different colours and lengths and packs beautifully with no creases.  (Have a look at this wedding featuring bridesmaids loving their Twist Wrap dresses.)

Dessy Twist Wrap Dress

All dresses featured available from Dessy.