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How's Your Wedding Budget Going? Here's The App That Will Help You!

You want your big day to be completely fabulous but with so many demands on your money, it's hard to stick to your budget and not overspend on a particular area.

So I liked the sound of Wedding Budget - an app that helps you keep on track. What's more it's free.

You tap in your wedding date, bride and groom details, budget. Then decide how much you're going to put aside for your wedding clothes, venue, food, flowers, music etc.  As you buy items you input the payments to see what you have left.

You can view your expenditure and the amount remaining in an easy to read graph format. Sort by actual expenditure and what your budget was.

If you go over-budget on certain items you'll get a red alert!

With so much to think about before your wedding day, this is a great app to have handy on your phone and you'll always be up to date.

I downloaded the app myself, input some data and found it really straightforward to use. I'm not sure George Clooney knows that he is getting married to me next year though!