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PicFlips Wedding Favors!

Did you ever play or make flip books as a kid? You know, you doodle a ball in the corner of a page of your exercise book, then move it slightly on the next page and so on. Then you flipped through the pages and the ball looked like it was bouncing! It's a simple form of animation.

Well, now your guests can create more hi-tech flip books at your wedding reception to make a short video clip. They're invited to step behind the camera and a short film is made. In less than two minutes, it's transformed into a personalized flip book which will amuse your guests and cause a few laughs! It's a fabulous way to entertain your guests at your wedding reception and enjoyed by both old and young alike. They also end up with a keepsake that they will treasure.

You can set up PicFlips in any party settings and it will create about 45-50 flipbooks an hour. Guests want to get a piece of the action when they see the PicFlip booth set up - they can't help getting involved.

It's a great new way to give wedding favors - original, entertaining and FUN!  Watch the clip and see PicFlips in action.