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Handmade Soap Wedding Favours

Making your own wedding favours has a number of advantages:

  • They're unique and personal to you

  • Shows you've really thought about the gift and taken some time

  • They're probably going to work out cheaper

The only downside as far as I can see is that you're going to have to give up a bit of your time to make your favours. And yet ... spending a dark winter evening closeted in the kitchen with your maids and close friends crafting some wedding favours would be great 'bonding' time.

As usual, when I'm looking for inspiration I check out the Martha Stewart website.  I've found a couple of beauties this time which I thought would make great wedding favours.

The first are these scented striped soaps.  Soap?  Yes, I thought that but on reading the instructions it's actually not that difficult to make at all.  You can choose the colours and scent yourself (let your imagination go into overdrive and think of the season of your wedding. I'm thinking rich reds and deep scents for winter, something lighter and floral for summer).

Then tie a cute little tag onto the soap - with the name of your guest, so that way it can double up as a place setting.

Idea number two is a book.