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Different Wedding Cake Ideas (And Some To Make Yourself)

Let's face it, whatever sort of wedding you're planning, a wedding cake (or something like it) is almost certainly going to be included.

And even if you personally don't like cake, having a wedding cake isn't a bad idea.

A wedding cake takes centre stage (after the bride of course)

For a start, it forms a centrepiece for your wedding day and can really set off the theme you've decided upon. Planning a winter white wedding? Then decorate your cake with white icing and embellish with silvered icicles and snowflakes.

Trying to DIY your wedding? Then ask a clever friend or relative to make your cake as a wedding present. (And you can always have it professionally iced later on.)

Your cake can also double as a dessert - it doesn't need to be a cake strictly. You could have a tower of chocolate profiteroles standing in as a cake - which look very elegant and are very delicious. (And I love this jelly tower by Bompas & Parr - amazing idea.)

I've gathered a few alternative wedding cake ideas for you to think about.
molton chocolate cupcakes

1. Serve molten chocolate cupcakes as dessert instead of a wedding cake. If you're having a small DIY wedding then these would be perfect - pile up on a plate just before serving so they look pretty. Here's the recipe from Martha Stewart.
strawberry meringue cupcake wedding cake idea
2. Present meringues in cupcake cases along fresh raspberries or strawberries if you're having a summer wedding. Again, pile the meringues up in a tower so that guests can serve themselves. It will be a hit dessert and wedding cake in one.
ring doughnut tower wedding cake idea

3. If you're really on a budget or want something informal, how about a ring doughnut tower? (I'd probably visit Krispy Kreme.)

multicoloured macaroon tower wedding cake ideas

4. I think Macaroons are stylish, elegant and look wonderful as a centrepiece. So how about creating a Macaroon tower? Here's a recipe for macaroons - remember you choose the colours you want. (I'm thinking an ombre Macaroon tower might be stunning.)

wedding cake idea camembert cheese tower

5. Of course a savoury alternative to a wedding cake is a cheese tower. This one created from Camembert cheeses in varying sizes is a delight and couldn't be easier to DIY. Just accessorise with some ribbon and white flowers as here (and remember to serve the Camembert at room temperature so it tastes its best).

Photography credits: Chocolate cupcakes and meringues via Martha Stewart; Doughnut image via Elizabeth Anne Designs; Macaroon tower via Pinterest; Cheese tower via Pinterest; Jelly tower via Bompas & Parr.