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Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

wedding hairstyle

One of the biggest decisions you make regarding your own appearance on your wedding day, after choosing your dress of course, is how to wear your hair. Every bride wants to look and feel their best and the wedding hairstyle you choose is one of those important choices that can make or break how you feel about yourself on your Big Day.

Whether your hair is long or short, straight or curly, I've rounded up a ton of great images for you to peruse and find some inspiration. Take your favorite image to your salon and have them do a test run at least a week or two before the wedding. That way, if you aren't crazy about how a certain style looks on you then go back for a second trial one to make sure you get it right.

Images from Allure, The Knot, Glamour, Brides, Harpers Bazaar