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New York Mag Breaks Down the Six Ways Social Media Has Infiltrated Modern Weddings!

New York Mag is always on the heartbeat of all things cool and all things consumer... So, they've put together a quick little guide to break down the six ways that social media has changed the landscape of a modern day wedding!

And here's what the head honchos have to say:

  1.  Wedding Apps are IN -- forget the wedding website and get your app on.

  2. Creating a Pinterest board for your out of town guests to highlight to-dos, must-sees and star sight-seeing sites -- How clever is THAT?! No more boring pamphlets. No that's cool!

  3. Read your vows off a tablet -- This could be go from neat to not-so-good if your significant other starts browsing the internet mid-ceremony... Maybe it's best to keep to boring old pen on paper.

  4. Save some moolah  by foregoing an expensive wedding photographer and encourage guests to Istagram the best of your ceremony and reception. Hint: have them use a special hashtag so you and all of your guests can look through all the best snapshots of the night!

  5. Announce your engagement via Twitter. Who needs the New York Times!

  6. Live stream your engagement - men this you for you! Include your family and friends in your most special moments.

To read the full article check out Enjoy!