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A Purple Themed Wedding To Dazzle You

I think purple is my favourite colour. I love all the different shades - from pale mauve to a deep rich magenta/violet hue.

Don't get me wrong. I also love all-white weddings and shell pink themed, but there's something about the richness of a purple that really appeals to me.

It's a great colour for weddings. At the real wedding here of Ceci and Chris, which took place in Florida, the colour purple shows up beautifully against the vivid blue skies. And the theme continues through from the royal blue bridesmaids dresses to the bride's bouquet and the table centres at the reception.

If you're marrying in winter, purple is also a good choice as it's a very warm colour - warmer than blue as it has notes of pink.

It's a great colour to use as an accent; purple shoes are fabulous and your bridesmaids will have a whole selection of shades of mauve and lilac to choose from if purple is your wedding theme. Although the royal blue bridesmaids dresses here work beautifully with the mauve shades.

Anyway, enjoy Ceci and Chris's wedding with the photography by Tonya Beaver via Two Bright Lights.

With the winter we're having here in the UK at the moment, I think we need a burst of Florida sunshine!

purple themed wedding bouquet

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