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Vintage Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Vintage Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

A vintage wedding theme is growing ever more popular. It is a fun and unique way to celebrate your Big Day. When it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses for a vintage theme there are a few ideas to consider.

vintage wedding bridesmaid dress

It's important to remember that most people think of  the term 'vintage' as describing the '40's '50's or '60's. These decades all have their own unique characteristics of course but generally speaking there some top tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses within the vintage wedding theme.

Consider going Tea Length: The long glamorous look is great for today's bridesmaids and even for old Hollywood, but a vintage theme usually conjures up memories of tea-length dresses in great fabrics and colors. If you are going with a 70's theme however, think longer lengths with courageous prints and/or empire waists.

Look for square cuts: Square cut neck lines and hem lines are loves of the past and never miss a beat when incorporated into a vintage wedding theme. Think bright, fun colors: Especially if thinking a 50's or 60's style of dress it's a great idea to not be shy with your color choices. These eras were known for their experimental forward fashion.

Accessories: pearls and costume type jewelry are a must to accent any vintage wedding theme. Choose pieces that are striking and bold. Don't be afraid to be bold: Add can cans, polka dots and prints to your dress choices. Bottom line, have fun with this great wedding theme!   Styles pictured: D568, D580, LR182, LR175