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10 Tips For Wedding Day Hair

How you wear your hair on your wedding day is key. It's going to be part of the full effect of how you look and the type of image you project. You could be classic. A little bit boho. Maybe a bit quirky. Or natural.

Whatever you decide, you need to be comfortable with the look you've chosen. You don't want to be fussing with your hair or choosing your hairstyle on the big day itself. You just want to have it done - and then relax comfortably in the knowledge that you look your most beautiful.

So here are our tips to help you get your wedding day hair absolutely right.

  • Don't decide on how you're going to wear your hair until you've sorted out your wedding dress and the theme of your big day. To get ideas, watch celebrities on the red carpet, read bridal magazines and take a look at Pinterest boards on wedding hair, which has gathered all sorts of looks together for you in one place.
  • Your wedding day isn't the day to decide to rock a whole new look. You want to look like the girl your fiance fell in love with and you want him to recognise you as you walk down the aisle towards him - so don't do anything dramatic like turn from a brunette into a blonde on your big day or have your hair styled into a short crop. Do that later on after the wedding if you want to!
  • Take a photograph of yourself in your wedding dress when you try it on. After you've picked out some styles you like, take photographs of them and then go along to your stylist for a try out session so you can see what really suits you and your dress. For example, a strapless dress can look really sophisticated with an updo - but if you're wearing something a little more boho you might want your hair down in soft waves.
  • Remember you don't have to decide on your final hairstyle until you're happy with it. Have one or two try out sessions, take photographs and mull over them until you feel really sure of your choice.
  • Look after your hair in the build-up to your wedding day. Eat healthily and use a deep conditioning treatment every couple of weeks or so to keep your hair shiny and well nourished.
  • Have a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep the ends tidy, even if you're growing your hair, to avoid split ends.
  • To make sure your long hair looks thick and healthy on your big day, have it cut about three weeks beforehand to get rid of wispiness. If you have short hair, have it cut the week before the wedding so it looks in its best shape.
  • Have your colour done a week before the wedding so it can settle down but still look fresh - sometimes a new colour can seem a bit harsh immediately.
  • Think about wearing a wedding veil. They come in all lengths - from a simple birdcage to a dramatic, sweeping cathedral length. Remember to accessorise your hair with floral wreaths, diamante brooches and tiaras - you may never get the opportunity again!
  • Marcel waves look wonderful on a vintage 1930's look and suit both short and long hair. If you want a romantic look, try a low, loose bun and if you're the more formal type a French pleat is a classic. Or leave your hair down and loose with a tiara, like Kate Middleton on her big day.

With your wedding hair it's really a matter of being prepared. Don't leave your decisions until the last minute and if you want to grow your hair long, remember that hair grows about half an inch a month so give yourself time (although extensions and hair pieces can work wonders).

Your wedding hair really is your crowning glory - get it right and you'll look wonderful!