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How to Properly Use a Wedding Hashtag

All of these social media options and outlets can trip up even the most acute techie, but don't worry, we're here to break down how to properly use a wedding hashtag.

First things first, a hashtag is a quick phrase or word that allows users to search through posts for those that have the same hash (#). It works similarly to "tagging" a friend, but is content based. Companies and people use hashtags to bring attention to an event, a cause or a theme.


This system of tagging also allows users to decipher content that is trending - Twitter even has a trending feed so if there is something that is getting a lot of tags, virtual visitors can easily monitor content that is applicable.

For your wedding hashtags are a great way to experience the event, through the eyes, actions and thoughts of your guests. Brides and grooms can come up with a clever couple hashtag for attendees to use throughout the ceremony and reception. Some great examples are #{bridelastname}{groomlastname}wedding, #{bridelastname}{groomlastname}gethitched or any other cute, clever combo that is a testament to your relationship.

Hashtags are a great virtual diary of your special day, so come up with one that suits you and get your guests Tweeting, (Insta)gramming and Facebooking the best of your Wedding festivities.

Happy planning!