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How To Avoid Jet Leg At Your Destination Wedding

A romantic, tropical island. A marriage service on the beach. Sun. Warmth. Saying your vows.

What could be more blissful?

A destination wedding is absolutely wonderful for all sorts of reasons. But the downside to flying to a paradise island is that you might have to travel through quite a few time zones and you don't want to feel zonked out by jet lag on your wedding day. You want to feel wonderful in every way. Even a time difference of just five hours can leave you feeling a bit weird.

So to help you avoid that horrible grogginess and disorientation that can hit when you're having to adjust to a clock that's 10 hours ahead of home (or 10 hours behind for that matter), we've put together some hints and tips to help you.

Go For Inflight Comfort

Even if you're flying with your fiancé, forget the high heels, the tight jeans and the full make-up. If you're sitting on an aircraft for eight or so hours and you want to get some sleep, then it's all about relaxing and dressing to feel comfortable. Dress up for the airport if you like, but pack some leggings, tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie for the flight itself (change in the loo at the departure lounge). Pack a pashmina to snuggle into (it can be chilly inside an aeroplane) and some comfortable socks. Think layers - so that if you get too hot you can peel off or layer up if you feel the chill.

During the flight wear flight socks to reduce swelling and wear warm socks on your feet. Don't wear shoes on the flight itself but pack your flip flops in your hand luggage so you can put them on when you get off the plane, in case your feet have swollen and your shoes are too tight.

It's also a good idea to pack essentials in your hand luggage like your toothbrush, deodorant, underwear, and a spare top. If you're having a stop-over you can then freshen up using the airport showers and you'll also be more prepared if there are problems with your bags at the other end. (Oh yes, and your destination wedding dress should definitely be in your carry-on luggage!

Looking After Your Skin Inflight

The air inside the cabin can seriously dehydrate skin, so take masses of moisturiser with you. If you're settling down to sleep, use some moisturised face wipes to take off your makeup and then slather on a good night cream. When you redo your makeup in the morning, use a tinted moisturiser so your skin can breathe.

Your lips will also get dry so have a lip balm handy and also some hand cream.

Keep drinking water - not only will this keep your skin hydrated but you'll also feel much better at the end of the flight. Try and avoid drinking alcohol - free champagne may be tempting but sticking to water is your best plan. Don't drink caffeinated or fizzy drinks either.

Essential Sleep

Try and get as much sleep as you can. It helps if you can exercise before you get on the plane because your body will be more tired and you'll be less mentally stressed.

Take an eye mask, a neck pillow and some ear plugs to create your own quiet zone. Take your contact lenses out before you get on the flight as your eyes will dry up in the cabin's air.

You should also ask the flight attendant if there are any spare seats left - there might be a group of three together so you can lie down for the duration.

Don't Just Sit There

Get out of your seat regularly and have a walk around the cabin. This will stop you feeling achey, it's better for your circulation and you're less likely to have swollen feet and ankles when you get to your destination. You can also do exercises when you're sitting in your seat - there are usually some suggestions in your inflight magazine or the airline video on show. Even simple toe raises and shoulder shrugs will make a difference.

And When You Arrive

Before landing, clean your teeth, brush your hair and put on some make-up. Drink another glass of water.

Try and get some exercise once you get to your hotel. Take a walk on the beach or do a few lengths in the pool. If you arrive mid-afternoon, don't collapse on your bed and go to sleep! It's important that you get into the new time zone as soon as possible, so stay awake until night-time and go to bed when you normally would. Eat and sleep at the right times locally.

Follow these few simple tips and you'll arrive in readiness for your big day feeling raring to go.

Any brides to be out there got any advice for avoiding jet lag before a destination wedding?

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