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Eating Healthy on Your Wedding Day

Eating Healthy on Your Wedding Day

Fresh oatmeal with strawberries, banana, granola and organic peanut butter.

Eating healthy is important on any day of the year, but especially on your wedding day. You will want foods that will give you just the right amount of protein and energy you will need to get through the ceremony, the reception and everything in between.

When I have been in weddings, it has been customary that the bride will host her bridesmaids to a brunch or early breakfast filled with baked goods, bagels, juice and coffee. However, I would recommend taking a healthier route for both you and your maids.

I would recommend staying away from carbohydrates, so bagels, baked goods, breads may not be the best alternative, unless of course you want to retain water on your wedding day. I would start the day with platters of fresh fruits, I would recommend fresh (not-instant) oatmeal that you can top with plain or vanilla yogurt and fruit. I would also recommend egg whites instead of a whole egg for breakfast.

Keep a bag of nuts, protein bars and trail mix for on-the go. Make sure you drink a lot of water. Make sure you have protein during the day to keep you full. Limit your sugar intake. For lunch, have a light salad with chicken, dried fruits and a light dressing.

If you can help it, (I know I can't) try to stay away from coffee to prevent bad breath and dehydration. If caffeine is a must for you, substitute the coffee with some herbal tea.

I would recommend having water and food in your wedding day emergency kit just in case stopping to eat during various points of the day isn't an option. Let your bridesmaids know of your healthy eating plan as well.

While the reception food may be hard to prevent fatty, salty foods just remain conscious of what you are putting in your body. The main thing this to enjoy yourself and savor every moment especially the food, this is your day after all.