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The Best Gifts for Techie Brides and Grooms

We're experts at knowing that there are endless applications, websites and pieces of equipment that can aid in wedding planning. But, when the chips fall into place and you're about to walk down the isle what do you get your nerdy husband-to-be or bride-to-be who has (almost everything!)? Traditional gifts exchanged  between fiancées before the big ceremony include watches, jewelry, engraved housewares, expensive stationary and so on... But if your significant other prefers programming to pearls or an overpriced pen, don't fret. There are endless options that are cool, functional and right in your love's wheel house.

FOR HIM: Whether it's a wireless speaker system that looks like it was delivered from the future, or a more traditional leather cord case, provides some pretty stellar gift ideas for every iteration of nerd. A varied sampling is below...


Harman Kardon Wireless Soundsticks - $229, The Roadtrip Video Recorder - $130, Cardito Cord Wrap (getting this monogrammed would be a creative extra touch) - $45, Aframe Artwork Speaker - $650+

FOR HER: Sometimes the best gifts we can give are difficult to accomplish. How do you gift peace and quite? Well... For a tech savvy bride-to-be that can come in the form of noise canceling headphones. Other innovative ideas are below.


MONSTER Noise Canceling Headphones - $300, Valextra Logo Stitched iPad Cover (perfect for monogramming too!) - $310, UP by Jawbone Fitness Band - $130, JAMBOX Speaker System - $180

From fitness-friendly gadgets to super chic speakers and classic accessories, there are plenty of pleasing presents to be found. Whether you're looking to gift give to the nerdy or the downright dorky, we have something for you.

Happy shopping!