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Help! Nothing is going right!

Okay we get it. You want your wedding day to be perfect, perfect, perfect.

But you know something. It's not going to be.

Although you may have planned everything to the nth degree - had numerous dress rehearsals, created lists in triplicate, instructed guests on dos and don'ts - there are always going to be some things that don't go to plan.

You can't control the weather

Let's face it. If you're getting married in the UK the chances are you won't have a beautiful sunny wedding day - although you might be lucky.

So have a game plan for rain.

  • Put some umbrellas outside your ceremony venue and reception.

  • Don't make your only transport option a soft top car.

  • If you're having a marquee on the lawn you might like to put some some pathways so guests don't have to walk on muddy grass.

  • Think about wearing wedding wellies to and from the ceremony and slipping into your Jimmy Choos later when you're safely inside

  • Talk to your photographer about rainy day photography - have some backdrops where you'll be sheltered from the wet

  • Don't leave everybody hanging about outside waiting for the photography to be over

Guests who don't show last minute

This is really irritating, especially when you've spent a lot on food. They may have a really good reason - they're into hospital unexpectedly, a child is sick, the car broke down ... whatever. One suggestion we have is that you have a back-up last minute invitation list of people who won't be offended if they're asked to make up numbers. We're thinking of neighbours, the lady in the local coffee shop - people you know but who wouldn't expect to be on your wedding list.

The photographer is sick

It does happen. When you're looking around for photographers and interviewing prospects, ask what their back up plan is if they're ill/the car breaks down/they have a family crisis. A good photographer will have an assistant or mate who can step in if there's an emergency.

Wedding insurance

One way of making sure you feel a lot more comfortable about things going to plan on your wedding day is by taking out wedding insurance. It doesn't cost much. John Lewis wedding insurance starts at £58 and includes you for supplier failure and cancellation. We'd say it's well worth it.