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10 Ways To Annoy Your Fiance And Everybody Else In The Build Up To Your Big Day

Your big day. And that's just it. It is a big day to you. So you want it to be absolutely right. And you don't want to turn into a bridezilla!

You may have been planning it for years in your head. Ever since you were a little girl. And so that means you may well be completely absorbed by your wedding day and all it is going to involve.

That's not really a good thing you know. Life goes on. And if you're not careful you could find everybody (including your fiancé) groaning whenever you mention your wedding because you've become a bore. So keep things in perspective. Plan your wedding but don't let it take over your life.

Here are 10 wedding warnings to consider and watch out for

  1. Getting annoyed when your significant other isn't as mesmerised by all things weddings-related as you are. We're thinking of the flowers, the bridesmaids dresses, the stationery and the décor. Go with the flow, just don't go on!
  2. Not letting your significant other get involved at all. Although he might not have an opinion about whether you should go for cream or white roses, he will want to be involved in other areas. Why not let him choose the wine, have a say in the food you choose, the transport and of course, who is going to be invited.
  3. Not letting your bridesmaids have a say in what they're going to be wearing. Don't just present them with your choice of frocks and expect them to be happy - give them a selection to choose from and remember mismatching is right on trend.
  4. Asking people to help you with DIY aspects of your wedding - I'm thinking making up 250 wedding favours here. They may or may not be happy to help. Just don't assume and if you do invite the girls round for some diy favour making, make sure you provide some delicious refreshments to help you all along.
  5. Having a very complicated dress theme for your big day. Really, many people don't like fancy dress so if you insist that everybody dresses up as superheroes you may not quite have the turnout you're looking for. If you really want to theme things, you could just go for a colour - like blue. Most people have something blue in their wardrobes.
  6. Posting updates on your Facebook page every day. "I've chosen my flowers." "I've chosen my menu." Save it for your big day. Also anybody not invited reading your updates will feel left out.
  7. Condescending to your single girlfriends. If a girlfriend hasn't got a partner or has just gone through a breakup, don't rub your wedding in her face. Don't say things like "well I'm so lucky I met (insert name of your fiance here)." She just may never speak to you again.
  8. Book a venue and then assume that everybody can stay in expensive hotels nearby. Sure, put in some super luxe accommodation, but don't forget local b&bs - you need to have a broad spread.
  9. Grumble about how much you're spending on your big day. "My dress cost £xx" or "the venue is costing us a fortune." If you really feel like that, then go for something a bit modest. It's bad manners to go on about money anyway and your guests will feel uncomfortable at your wedding if they think you're begrudging how much it has all cost you.
  10. Give people a hard time if they can't make your destination wedding. If you've decided to get married abroad then that's your decision. For all sorts of reasons - financial and practical - some people won't be able to make it. So don't make them feel guilty - you decided to get married a distance away and respect their decision.

Your thoughts?