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Bridesmaids in pink ombre - you choose the look

"Pink ombre please" you said.

"Show us some ideas in pink ombre".

Seems like we can't get enough of this style of colour theming at the moment - and it is so versatile and looks sooo pretty. Because you get to choose all the colours you like - blend the shades.

Let your maids choose the hues that flatter them best. (And the style of dress of course).

We've done today's board in pale shades of pink. But you could go for more dramatic aubergine or a variation on hot pinks.

If you need a bit of help choosing, check out the Dessy Chiplettes which will help you show your suppliers just what you're looking for in terms of colours (so you get the shoes, the cake, the stationery and the venue decor just so).

And you might like to start things off by downloading these free "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" cards in the Pantone colours you've chosen.

Photo credits: All bridesmaid dresses shown by Dessy. Background ombre invitation by Ananya.