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Wedding inspiration from real brides

There's nothing like going to a wedding yourself, or looking at images of real weddings in magazines and blogs like these, to get the imagination going.

Seeing how other brides have put their wedding together in terms of the dresses they choose, the flowers, the colour and how they decorate the venue is a perfect way to start off planning your wedding theme.

And that's why Dessy put together a Dessy Real Weddings moodboard on Pinterest so that you can see some beautiful wedding days all in one place.

If you'd like to be part of it, just go onto our website here and download your real wedding photographs - showing us how you used Dessy designs on your big day.

You'll enjoy looking at the images of real weddings. Do you think the bride chose the right flowers and shape of bouquet? Or would you have done it differently? What about shoes. Do the shoes work?

You might like to send the link of the page to your bridesmaids so they can see what you're thinking - or set up a styleboard (you can do this for free on the Dessy website).

As you'll see from some of the images, some of the bridesmaids were pregnant on the big day and it's interesting the styles they chose to wear depending on the size of their bump at the time (Dessy has some fabulous designs for expectant ladies!)

bridesmaid dress inspiration for wedding

Here's another way of doing it. Alternate the bridesmaid dress colours AND have different styles of gown.

bridesmaids in long pale bridesmaid dresses

There's no reason why your flowergirls shouldn't wear the same colour as your bridesmaids. This shade is Palomino with frocks by Dessy.

bridesmaids in white dresses with brides

Don't be afraid of putting your maids in white. After all, a certain royal bride did it!

You'll find all these images and the details of the style of the frocks featured on our Dessy Real Weddings page - along with other real wedding inspiration.

Featured image Sweet Little Weddings Photography.