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Wedding moodboard for late winter with a promise of summer

The evenings are getting just a tiny bit lighter. It's not so dark first thing in the morning. Don't you think?

Spring is starting to peep around the corner. And what better colours to show this than a rich deep pink, with white blossoms and shiny new leaves. Something to think about with your wedding planning.

pink and green wedding moodboard

I was sent this fabulous decorated chair back image by Todich Floral Design and I just love it. So much that it inspired me to create this styleboard - I think pinks and greens are one of my favourite colour combinations. And you can go as gentle or as bright as you wish.

Check out Dessy's matching accessories and bridesmaid frocks in pinks - here I've used grenadine and azalea. Contrast with appletini and mojito - then a splash of white to show it all off.

Check out the Pantone Wedding colour tools which are a great help to view the different hues and see how they work together.

And of course, getting your own individual colours sorted is the perfect way to make your big day completely personal to you!