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10 Big Wedding Don'ts

Knowing what not to do on your wedding day is just as important as having a checklist and knowing what you should be doing.

I've talked to brides, watched wedding forums and checked out magazines and blogs to bring you the following 10 must-knows of wedding don'ts. Avoid these and you'll be well on track to having the wedding day you want.

  1. Not setting a budget. This is the first thing you and your fiance should be doing. Spend wildly and you'll regret it. Set a budget and you can be confident that you won't overspend and have debts hanging around you don't want.
  2. Buying your dress/cake/shoes etc before you've set a date. The date you choose is going to affect what you wear, what you feed your guests and where you hold your wedding day. So set a date as soon as you've worked out your budget.
  3. Buying a wedding dress online. Yes I know there are bargains on eBay but if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Go to a reputable bridal dress shop, check out what's on offer in the High Street and designer sample sales.
  4. Buying too many styling accessories - vases, birdcages, fabrics. Much better to hire these from a supplier who will send round a stylist to help you style your venue in the colours and designs you want.
  5. Not checking out your photographer. Your photos are a lasting memento of your big day so really research photographers and don't just go with the one your venue suggests. Ask to see a portfolio of their images and for some testimonials from other brides you can contact directly.
  6. Not being flexible on dates and times. Are you set on marrying on a Saturday in summer? Think about it. Midweek weddings have a lot of advantages - suppliers are more available and you may get discounts out of season. You're also more likely to get the venue of your dreams.
  7. Buying your flower girl dresses too soon. Little children grow - so buy their frocks about three months before the big day.
  8. Scrimping on the catering. You can't expect your guests to come to a wedding at 2pm and then not be fed until 8pm. Much better to get married later in the day (you can marry up to 6pm) and serve the wedding breakfast then. If you get married early in the day you may have to feed your guests twice (and give them drinks too).
  9. Not considering children. Think about the ages of the kids at your wedding and plan entertainers, children's tables and a chill-out room.
  10. Turning into a bridezilla! Your wedding day is really all about making promises to somebody you want to spend the rest of your life with. Don't obsess too much about your venue, your dress, your diet, your hair ... just focus on what's important which is the two of you and enjoy your big day.

If you've any more wedding don'ts to add, please leave a comment below.