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What kind of a bride are you?

Finding your own style is the trick to dressing well and presenting an image of yourself you'll want to show off.

And on your wedding day, when you're going to be the centre of attention, having perfect personal style is more important than ever.

But when it comes to brides, there's no one size fits all. Every girl is different and every girl wants her own type of wedding day. But what sort of theme should you choose?

Are you a traditional type? A retro type? A dreamy romantic? A city slicker? Or a country girl?

Take our quiz below to discover what type of bride you are and work out your own wedding style.

What's your wedding style?

Circle a, b, c , d or e when you answer the questions below

The way you dress

a) I always like to look smart, even at weekends, and keep up with the latest trends

b) I like to find my own way. I'l mix a bit of vintage with something current

c) I tend to buy timeless classics that don't date. I don't buy many clothes but the ones I have won't date much

d) I'm really happiest in jeans doing something outside. I don't like dressing up really

e) I don't really follow fashion. I wear whatever I feel suits me and don't often wear trousers

What music do you listen to?
a) I like going clubbing at weekends and keep a close eye on what's changing in the music scene

b) All the old stuff. From Elvis, The Beatles, Motown, Seventies Disco ...

c) I like classical music and play an instrument

d) I like classical, folk and some jazz

e) Arethra Franklin, Adele, some movie soundtracks

Where would your dream home be?
a) A penthouse with all mod cons in the middle of a busy city

b) An Airstream caravan so I could go where the mood took me

c) Downton Abbey

d) A farmhouse surrounded by rolling countryside

e) A house overlooking an unspoilt stretch of coastline

What do you like to watch on TV?

a) Scandinavian dramas

b) Classic arthouse movies

c) Costume dramas

d) Countryfile

e) I seldom watch TV. I prefer DVDs of films like Gone With The Wind, The Notebook, High Society

What do you like to eat and drink?

a) Sushi and cocktails

b) A really good homemade hamburger, fries and a milkshake

c) Any sort of game and good red wine

d) Something organic I've grown myself

e) Violet cream chocolates


Mostly a) You're a bit of a city girl at heart, never happier than when you can hear the noise of traffic and see the bright lights. You'd probably suit a wedding held in a smart restaurant or hotel in town - and a long slinky dress (that may not be white or cream either). Have a look at this city wedding for inspiration

Mostly b) You're quite a retro individual. You make your own fashion, picking out what you want from current trends to suit you. Think about having a vintage style wedding day - maybe with an original vintage wedding dress in a 1950's style.

Mostly c) The idea of a Downton Abbey style wedding is your dream. You loved Kate Middleton's dress. Think about getting married in a stately home - and having an evening cocktail party for your reception

Mostly d) You're never happier than when you feel the wind in your hair and the fresh air on your face. You'd suit a country style wedding in a marquee or possibly a festival style day

Mostly e) Forget about wearing a short wedding gown. You're going to want a long sweeping veil, a long trailing wedding gown and old fashioned roses. Getting married in a castle would be perfect for you

Any thoughts? What kind of a bride do you think YOU are going to be?