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How to Have a Kid-Friendly Wedding

How to Have a Kid-Friendly Wedding

While these days couples are limiting their guest lists to just couples, there are some that are still including kids on the invitation. So how do you make your wedding a kid-friendly wedding? Here are some neat ideas that will definitely have your kids having just as much fun as their parents.

Favors: Have your wedding favors include candy and small toys you can easily get at a dollar or party store would be great kid friendly party favors. Most couples will do candy tables for guests and favors in general, so this would be a great idea for the kids at your wedding.

Kids-Friendly Menu: Kids are fickle when it comes to food generally, so see if your wedding venue and/or caterers have kid friendly options. Fun fruit salads, chicken fingers and fries are always great ideas for the menu.


Photo by Gagan Dhiman

The Kids in Your Bridal Party: Let the kids of your bridal party feel like they are part of the group! Give them some responsibilities, whether it is to hold the bottle of bubbles for the end of ceremony to give guests or take pictures with a disposable camera. When it comes to their attire, consider the adorable junior and flower dresses by Dessy, they will not only look cute, they will love it! And we can't forget the boys! Check out the formalwear for the boys of your bridal party.


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Live Entertainment: If your budget allows, consider setting a kids-only room with games and even live entertainment like a magician or a clown. At the table include a coloring book and crayons. Find out from parents what the children are into and include that to keep kids entertained!


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