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Capturing the moment - those impromptu wedding photographs you must have ...

Today I'm going to talk about those wedding photographs you don't know you want to have taken. Those off the cuff shots, let's call them impromptu, that capture an unexpected moment. But they're the photos you're probably going to love the most afterwards.

bride with groom at altar Priceless ...

Whilst it's vital to have your list of must-have wedding shots, you also need to have a photographer who's going to look out for those spur of the moment images.

Says professional photographer David Bostock. "There is so much that happens on a wedding day that can present some absolutely priceless images to a photographer. Anticipating and spotting these is critical to being a successful documentary wedding photographer.

bride walking down aisle

little children at wedding

The feedback from my wedding couples is that their very favourite images are those that capture impromptu moments, perhaps a family member enjoying themselves, one of the kids at play or something that captures a unique expression. This is so much more interesting than the predictable "standing in lines" type of record photography. I meet many potential customers a year and I would say that the vast majority are drawn to book me because of the "impromptu moment" images they see in my portfolio.

It's a sixth sense you develop after shooting several hundred weddings, it comes with experience and the skill is to see beyond the obvious image. Keep looking around you and have lightning reflexes and a total technical command of your equipment; you don't want to be changing settings or lenses when the moment happens as it NEVER happens twice!"

Here's a few images David has taken at weddings that illustrate exactly what we mean.

bride arriving at church young flowergirl and pageboy at wedding Bride walking into church wedding flowergirls at wedding

So top tip - on your wedding day don't only stick to your list of must-have shots. Ask your photographer to look out for those off the cuff, impromptu wedding moments too!