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Tips for the Newlywed Name Change

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... the dreaded name change. Anyone who has gone through it knows that taking your spouse's name can be anything but easy. You have to jump through just about as many hoops to change your last name as you do to get governmental security clearance. Thank goodness we live in a modern world and there are ways to streamline the process and make it a little less awful.

Kleinfeld's - the NYC bridal superstore - has put together a pretty simple, straightforward process to tackling the name change. Services are affordable starting at just $25. For $25 you can download and fill out an application. Print, sign and send in.

Forms for the following U.S. government agencies are included: 1. Social Security Administration; 2. U.S. Passport; 3. Department of Motor Vehicles (state-specific); 4. U.S. Voter Registration; 5. Internal Revenue Service; as well as a customized name-change letter that you can send to any institution of your choice (e.g. credit card companies, work, school etc.).

If you'd rather Kleinfeld enter in all your info into all of those different forms, that's an options too. If they handle the dirty work it's only $50. Fill out a quick online form and they'll send you all completed documentation in a name-change packet. Upon receipt of your name-change packet, all the forms will be pre-filled for you. All you need to do is sign where indicated, and mail the appropriate forms to the relevant agencies in the pre-stamped and addressed envelopes.

Easy as that... Now, if you're dragging your heels on the whole name change thing because you don't think you can handle the hassle we have your solution. Check out Kleinfeld's website for more information.