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Wedding Planning By Numbers - Part 2

When you're planning your wedding preparation is the key. Be prepared and you'll avoid all those last minute panics and worries - it's a special day in your life and you need to enjoy the build-up, rather than dread it. Follow our wedding planning guide and you'll know that you have all bases covered.

  • Think about your wedding rings. What you spend will depend on the budget you've already set but you'll also need to be thinking about what they look like, whether you opt for gold, platinum or palladium and whether you want something engraved inside.
  • Are you going to start off the dancing at your wedding reception? If so, you may feel more confident if you have some lessons beforehand so you can strut out Strictly style! It's worth looking into them a few months before your wedding so you have time to practise!
  • Think about the readings you're going to have on your wedding day. Remember that you can't have anything religious if you're having a civil ceremony. In addition, think about who you ask carefully - they need to be confident about public speaking and have a loud and clear voice - you don't want somebody who's going to get stage fright on the day!
  • You'll be sending out your wedding invitations six weeks before the event.
  • If you're going to have a hen party, it's best to do it a few weeks before the wedding - you might want to go away with your friends for the weekend, have a spa day or have a DIY style hen day - maybe learning cupcake baking!
  • You should be considering your honeymoon options. If you're going long haul and somewhere tropical, you'll probably need to have some vaccinations or take anti-malarial tablets beforehand, so check with your local doctor's surgery and book yourself in for an appointment in plenty of time.

Have some fun with Dessy's wedding moodboard tool so you can plan the look of your wedding, from what your bridesmaids wear, your invitations, your shoes and how you want your flowers to be.