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Smart Kitchen Appliances for Newlyweds

Making the marital home is an important aspect of beginning an embedded life together with your partner. It should be an amalgam of your tastes and your personalities. If you're both tech savvy you should have the next generation of all things home living. We've already shared with you Nest and some other great fitness and gift ideas, but today we're tackling the kitchen.

These savvy and smart appliances will change the way you cook and cavort around the kitchen. For bride and grooms-to-be, these make great gifts to register for. For everyone else, keep these in mind for great gift giving ideas!

Belkin Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker

This slow cooker is top of the line for performance and can be fully controlled though your mobile device. Image putting some frozen chicken, broth, spices and vegetables in the pot before you leave for the day and then cranking this chrome knock-out up at lunch time to have steaming hot chicken soup waiting for you when you walk in the door. The device allows you to adjust temperature, adjust cooking time and turn the machine on and off from anywhere... The possibilities here are endless!

GE Brillion Enabled Appliances

GE recently introduced Brillion - it's an application that allows you to control your kitchen from afar. The app works with several GE appliances and allows you to turn-on to preheat, turn-off, change the temperature and even check a cooking meat's temp. It also sends you an alert when your goods are perfectly cooked. Never eat overdone baked salmon ever again.

Prep Pad


Prep Pad is pretttttty cool. It's a cutting board, smart scale, nutritional guide, dietician and more all-in-one. Sure, it looks like an unassuming cutting board but sync this badboy with your tablet or phone and this thin little pad will spit out some serious knowledge. It's the perfect piece for a health conscious couple looking to learn more about what they are putting into their bodies.

Happy shopping!