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Spring - A New Way to Shop from Your Phone!

A new way to shop has descended upon us. It's part Instagram, part Pinterest, part Amazon and it's called Spring.

Spring is a newly launched phone application that has set out to change the way we shop. Amazon has a patent on single-click buying, but the clever lads and ladies over at Spring have bypassed that red tape with the all-too-easy swipe (a trick they picked up from popular dating site Tinder).  Spring compiles brand content, that is available for purchase, and puts it into a Instagram/Pinterest style viewer.

Shop Spring

A few things make Spring particularly unique. One, is that brands have full control over what is shown to users. They update their own product imagery, allowing them to keep the same kind of close eye on how their products are being presented as they do on their own outlets. In addition, brands are responsible for fulfilling their own orders - customer service, packaging, shipping, returns, etc.

Much like Pinterest, users can choose to follow brands that they are interested in, thus giving them control over what appears on their screens for perusing.

Participating brands include Jennifer Fisher, Jason Wu, Warby Parker, Everlane and many more. Additional brands are being rolled out in the coming weeks.

For more information, check out Spring here! Happy Shopping!!