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Five Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Day

As ever, it's the little things that make all the difference. And you don't have to be a big wedding DIY-er to make your own wedding stand out. You just have to have a few touches here and there that are individual to you and your fiancé (soon to be husband). Here are a few ideas to be thinking about.

burgundy bridal bouquet tied with pearls

1. Personalise your wedding bouquet with a favourite piece of jewellery. If you have a vintage necklace or Granny's cameo or diamante brooch, then pin it onto the ribbons that tie up the stem of your bouquet. Then your bouquet is yours and yours alone and will photograph beautifully.

bride and groom being covered in confetti2. Most guests won't bring confetti so supply little packets to be handed out with the order of service sheets. You can get some dazzling natural petals which are of course biodegradable and won't make a mess outside your wedding venue. Choose rose petals, delphiniums and throw in some lavender to add a heavenly scent. Shropshire Petals has a stunning choice of confetti and will even make up little cones for you as well. Having confetti sprinkled over you at the church will really make you feel married and as though you are walking into your exciting new life. And it's a classic wedding photograph too! Remember you can colour co-ordinate your confetti to match your wedding theme - whether it's pastels or rich reds and purples (which of course would look very decorative at a winter wedding).

Natural Confetti from Shropshire Petals

3. How did the two of you meet? Do you have a special hobby you share? Think about how you can name the tables at your wedding reception. You don't just have to call them Table 1, 2, 3 and 4. That's a bit dull. You could call them after your favourite films, favourite actors and actresses, or even cities you've visited together. Rome, New York, Paris ....

unusual wedding table names Via Masterpiece Wedding Bride

4. It's always lovely to have a record of the guests who came to your wedding but instead of having a book - which you may just put away in a cupboard and never see - how about having a wedding fingerprint tree. Or a photobooth so friends can take a snap and then put it alongside their wishes in your book. (And a photobooth is a great way of entertaining your guests during drinks and the reception party.) Or you could take a vintage mirror and ask people to sign it in a white Sharpie pen - and then hang it as a work of art in your home.

Wedding guestbook

5. Save the date cards are almost essential these days. But instead of buying some ready made, why don't the pair of you get creative with some photography. Have a photo shoot somewhere special to you both and hold up a blackboard with the date of your wedding. A charming idea that sets the scene for your fun day perfectly.

Couple with chalkboard save the date images
How did you personalise your big day or what are your plans?