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5 Simple Wedding Table Centrepiece Ideas

Sure you want the wow factor.

You want your guests to exclaim "Ooh" and "Aah" when they enter the room in which you're holding your wedding reception. How it looks and how it's styled is so much a part of your wedding day and who you are.

If you've got the budget to hand over everything to the professionals then fine. But if you'd like to personalise your big day, have a look at the ideas for wedding table centrepieces below. I've picked them out because they are inexpensive to put together and easy to assemble. But - and it's a big but - I wouldn't advise you to plan on doing this the morning of your wedding or the night before - it's definitely a job to outsource to some trusted friends and family members. Okay, maybe make one table centrepiece - and then go off and have a relax - you're going to need all your energy for the wedding day itself (although of course adrenalin will carry you a long way!)

So - what have I found?

1. First off, a really simple idea. Buy inexpensive clear glass hurricane lanterns, fill with small pebbles to hold a church candle. (You can do this bit a few days before). Then on the morning of the wedding drop a couple of blooms on top of the stones - it's best to use flowers that won't wilt too quickly - cornflowers would work well, gerberas and hydrangeas. Et voila. Then light the candles as the guests arrive and you've got the wow factor. And of course, you can use the hurricane lanterns afterwards at home.

2. Take a trip to your local charity shop and keep an eye out for small little glass vases which you can pick up for next to nothing (charity shops seem to be full of them). Give yourself a few months before your wedding day to establish a collection and ask your mum, auntie or friends to keep an eye out too. Then assemble an odd number of vases (odd is important, for some reason odd numbers ranged together look better than evens) together and put a bloom in each - doesn't have to be the same flower either. Simple!

simple wedding table centre with dahlias Via Bella Design Studio Blogspot

3. Play with colour. Again buy some cheap square vases (Ikea has plenty) in a cube shape, fill with water and then drop in some food colouring or ink. (The flowers won't mind). Then arrange a mixture of flowers in the vase in a contrasting colour - here it's a mix of pink roses, gerberas and dahlias. Pretty.

baby's breath wedding table centrepiece Baby's breath - gypsophila in a simple jam jar

4. Baby's breath - or to give it the correct name gypsophilia - is a really inexpensive flower to buy that you can pick up for next to nothing. It's also very easygoing and won't complain too much if it gets dry. Establish a collection of jam jars, tie a length or ribbon or lace around each and then fill to the brim with gypsophilia. It's as simple as that - and looks stunning. Just goes to show that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.
simple wedding table centrepiece ia

5. This one is really simple. Source some heavy based glasses in a globe-ish shape. You can usually find them in supermarkets (and Ikea of course). Make sure they are sparkling and clean and fill with water. Now here's the important bit. Put a single flower in - the one above is a camellia which works well - but the flower has to be perfect. I'm thinking you could replace camellias with gerberas, roses or cornflowers. Then arrange as needed on your tables.

Steve Watts Photography