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Honeyfund - The Top Honeymoon Registry Website

When I first heard the name Honeyfund I immediately saw a flashback from childhood - Pooh Bear with his hand in the honey jar. Surprisingly, it's not too far off from this free website's mission. Honeyfund allows people - presumably engaged couples - to set up an adventuresome honeymoon registry... The ultimate honeypot for newly married couples!

The site allows users to register for their honeymoon trip either in lieu or in addition to traditional registry items. Couples using the site have raised over $200 million dollars in their quests for the perfect celebratory vacation! The founders even made an appearance on The Shark Tank. Pretty impressive stuff.


Here's how Honeyfund works.  The site is so easy to use, you can set up your honey bucket in a matter of minutes. First, there is a trip calculator that gives you a rough estimate for how much you'll need to make zip lining in Auckland or scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef  a real possibility. The real genius of the site is when you go a little deeper. You can easily sent up a page for your friends and family to view and include things like where you plan to stay, what activities you plan to do and further specifics. What's really nice for gift givers is that they aren't just throwing money at the couple, but actually putting funds toward very specific things - it makes the gift giving a bit more personal. The site also has the ability to split up and expensive experience. For instance, a $1,000 excursion can be split between 5 separate donations making it a more viable option for someone who wants to contribute, but maybe can't shell out for the whole shebang.

For couples that need a little extra push to get creative a pick a dreamy destination, Honeymoon has recommended trips that are pre-planned. These options span locals from Fiji to Greece. Check the site out here and start dreamy of your perfect honeymoon to come!