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Real Bridesmaids In Dessy's Twist Dresses. How Would Your Girls Look?

I just wrote a post about Dessy's Twist Dresses. How they're indispensible, a wardrobe staple, suit all sorts of different figures - how well they work as a bridesmaid dress option.

Writing is one thing however. Showing you how the Twist Dresses look on real girls at real weddings is another.

Thanks to our Dessy Facebook followers, we've got plenty of photos of real weddings with real brides and bridesmaids and several feature girls wearing our Twist Wrap Dresses.

bridesmaids in twist dresses

Two bridesmaids. Two different coloured twist dresses wrapped different ways.

The great thing is you that you get to choose the colour and your girls get to choose the style in which they wear the gown. They can go for the same look, mix it up, change it between afternoon and evening. And look fabulous all at the same time.

wedding outside historic Cambridge college

Four girls. One dress. Four different looks

bridesmaids in blue dresses in church

These girls love their frocks

Check out Dessy's Facebook page to look at more real weddings.