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Five Useful Services To Know About When You're Planning Your Wedding

It's getting everything together just the way you want it to be that can sometimes be hard when you're putting your wedding plans together.

So here are five useful websites I've come across that will help you on your way - everything from getting your shoes dyed EXACTLY the right colour to hiring china teacups for an afternoon wedding tea party ...

1. Help! I can't find shoes in the colour I want...

Don't panic. Dye My Shoes has a service to do just that - they'll dye your wedding shoes (and bridesmaid shoes) in a virtual rainbow of colours. Just send them your colour swatch and they'll do the rest (they have a helpline if there's anything you want to discuss). Prices start at £18.99 in the UK, including return and delivery.

2. I LOVE the location of my venue. But the interior is uninspiring. What can I do?

Think about room draping. Say you're getting married in your local village hall - the location and views are perfect but the inside of the hall isn't exactly a wedding fairyland. In that case have it draped inside (basically it's like putting up a supersize tent in the interior) so it looks much more elegant (and your guests get the wow factor when they enter). Companies like Ambience Venue Styling specialise in room draping and they have agents all over the UK. They'll be able to advise you on what's do-able and give you some hints and tips for wedding styling along the way.

3. I need some pretty teacups and sauces but don't want to have to buy them ...

And why should you? You can hire beautiful vintage tea cups, matching saucers, plates, tea pots and cake stands to dress up your tables to perfection. Try My Vintage Tea Party who have a stunning range. Price guide - £175 for the Royal Collection to serve 40 wedding guests.

vintage tea cups Some of the pretty designs available to hire from My Vintage Tea Party

4. I'd like to have trees like Kate Middleton at my wedding but my flower budget is limited ...

Again, we'd suggest you hire them. Stunning trees with incredibly realistic silk flowers are available from Essential, with prices for a lavish table centre starting at £95. You could have a bower of flowers on the top table, flower arches at your ceremony ... wherever your imagination takes you. How romantic!

5. The forecast for my wedding day isn't looking good. I'd like to equip my guests with umbrellas just in case. But how?

Companies like Hire A Brolly can come to the rescue here (and Hire A Brolly will try their best to help at a few days' notice). Prices for hiring 10 white umbrellas start at £54.50 and there are special bridal packages for larger numbers. Just think how wonderful a cloud of white umbrellas could look in your wedding photographs. Alternatively if you'd like to make things a little more colourful, you can also hire umbrellas in other classic shades (and not necessarily black either).
Have you any essential wedding services you'd recommend to our readers?

Featured image via My Vintage Party