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Will Your Bridegroom Recognise You On Your Wedding Day?

Did you watch the Royal Wedding back in 2011? If so, do you remember the moment when Prince William saw Kate Middleton as a bride for the first time and smiled happily?

Kate got it absolutely right on her wedding day. She looked beautiful, glowing, happy ... and herself.

She hadn't experimented with a dramatically different look - she was confident that her bridegroom loved her just the way she was - so apart from a new frock, veil and some fabulous diamonds - it was very much business as usual.

So what do you need to do?

The answer is - don't go overboard on the diet, hair, skincare, exercise before your wedding day. You don't want to be a stranger walking up the aisle towards your intended.

Obviously, keeping fit is important. Having a fitness plan that you can stick to, that's going to help you keep your stamina up in the run up to your wedding day will do a lot towards helping you stay relaxed and not getting exhausted.

But don't overdo it.

The same goes for diet. Remember that your fiancé fell in love with you just the way you are.

By all means lose a few pounds if that's what you need to do. But don't go on a crash diet, starve yourself or be faddy. A lot of girls find Weight Watchers really useful and their programme lets you lose the weight gradually and helps you to create healthier eating habits.

If you're naturally curvy, does your husband-to-be really want to be greeted at the altar by a stick insect who's become obsessed with what she's eating?

As for your hair, don't make any big changes in the run up to your wedding day. If you're a brunette, don't decide to become a blonde and if you're a blonde don't suddenly decide to become a brunette.

Have your hair in an updo, half-updo or whatever you decide for your big day but don't have a dramatic hair cut that you may regret because you'll be stuck with it (and it will be in all the wedding photographs forever).

Also, don't be tempted to have a facial in the week before your wedding or dramatically alter your skincare routine. It could result in breakouts, allergies and reddening - not a good look - so if you have a skincare routine that works for you stick with it for the time being and experiment when you won't be on show quite so much!

The same applies to your makeup. You may be tempted to have a makeup artist to do your face professionally on your wedding day but be careful. You don't want a dramatically different look - you just want to enhance your looks. So get to know the makeup artist before your wedding day and be very specific about what you want. If you're usually a natural type, it's not the time to arrive wearing dramatic scarlet lips and fake eyelashes!

Do you have any more tips to add? Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride has been unrecognisable?