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Five Things Bridesmaids Should Be and Five They Shouldn't

If you've agreed to be a chief bridesmaid - or if you're waiting to be asked - be aware that the following qualities will go a long way towards ensuring that you help to make the wedding a big success. 

1. Discreet. As a bridesmaid you're going to be privy to all sorts of information - what the bride is planning on wearing, what you're going to be wearing, the colours of the wedding day .... A loyal friend won't gossip about any of this or let the cat out of the bag about anything before the wedding day.

2. Contactable. Don't be one of those people who permanently keeps their mobile on vibrate rather than call. Or at least not with the bride. She needs to be able to contact you when she needs to. Okay, so maybe not at 2am in the morning, but certainly if she wants to chat something through. And if she does leave a text or e mail, answer it promptly.

3. Friendly. If you don't know the other bridesmaids, then make a real effort to become friends with them. Even if you've known the bride longest (or it might be the other way around, you are recent friends) then smile and chat to the other girls. Don't be aloof.

4. Enthusiastic about their dress. Nowadays it's unlikely that the bride will force you to wear something that really doesn't suit you. But whatever she gives you to wear, you need to put on your best party smile and like it. It's her wedding day and she has her own ideas - which may not match yours. If you've agreed to be a bridesmaid, then it's all par for the course.

5. Organised. Get a notebook to write things down in. Put a note on your calendar or diary for when you need to have completed something by. You're likely to be planning the hen party, so your organisation skills need to be tip top.

Try Not To Be

6. A Drama Queen. It might rain on the wedding day. One of the flower girls might have chicken pox. You're going to have to take this all in your stride and reassure the bride that it doesn't matter, it's fixable.

7. Glued to your phone. When the bride is talking to you face to face, give her your full attention. Don't um and ah and start answering or reading your text messages from other people. She needs to know you're with her 101%

8. Unpredictable. By this I mean, likely to turn up with a completely different hairstyle or having lost/or gained a ton of weight in the run up to the wedding day so your dress doesn't fit. By all means be adventurous - but try and keep the period before the wedding steady - not changeable.

9. Emotional. On the wedding day, try not to cry every time you see your friend the bride in her frock, walking down the aisle. Yes, she might look lovely and be having a happy day and you might be delighted for her. But keep a handle on your emotions and hold back on the tears.

10. A Know-All. The bride will have her own ideas about invitations, music, food, stationery and everything else. Whilst you can show her stuff you've seen, hold back on saying "well, I saw a wedding where they did x and I think you should do that, it would be much better." You get the picture.

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