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7 Ways to Keep Older Guests Happy at Your Wedding

Keeping your guests happy during your wedding is a given, especially guests like your grandparents and your groom's Aunt Betty. Here are seven ways that will not only alleviate any additional stress from your day, but keep your older guests happy too!

1. Don't seat them near them near the entertainment. And don't put them near any doors that could have a constant draft as people come in and out.

2. Play music they can and want to dance to. Sure you'll want to play music that you and your groom will love, but in between the fist pumping jams, you will want to play a few songs that grandma might like too. You will want to play this music earlier in the evening since older guests may want to leave earlier than the rest.


Cigars are always a good way to keep the older men happy at the wedding! Photo by Angelica Criscuolo Photography

3. Dance appropriately. While you, your groom and all of your closest friends should have a great time busting a move on the dance floor, it is important to remain respectable and tasteful.

4. Keep everything on schedule. This goes for all of your guests, not just your older guests, if you're having your reception in a venue, make sure that everything keeps moving in a timely fashion. Older guests may want to leave early, so it's important to start on schedule.

5. If you have people traveling from far away, make sure that you are clear about when and where you are getting married. Also provide clear directions for your guests to reach your wedding.

6. Seat them with other elderly couples they can have a good time with while at the wedding.

7. Make sure the venue or your reception location has handi-cap accessible entrance and exits. If not, make sure there is someone to help any of your guests that may need it.

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