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5 Things to Know Now for Your Spring Wedding

We promise (truly promise) that spring will arrive soon enough and just in time for your spring wedding! But before the snow and cold make its way out, we thought we would share some things you should know for your spring wedding.

Weather could be fickle. This is true for any season, but during the spring, rain and any left over weather from winter is a good possibility. You will want to prepare for that, should you decide to do an outdoor wedding in the latter half of the season. You should also prepare for not-so-warm days. Make sure your venue or wedding location is prepared for any unpredictable weather. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, talk to your venue to find out what their plan of action is should the weather not cooperate.


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Beautiful flowers are in abundance. One of the great things about getting married in the spring is the abundance of flowers your florists could have for your wedding. The same holds true for summer. Flowers like tulips, lilacs, peonies and magnolias are all in season. Be sure to work with your florist and find out all you can about what is in season and what they have to offer you. Also, if you are trying to save on flowers, spring invites the opening of farmer's markets, so this is a good time to scout them and see what flowers there are for your spring wedding.


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Pastel bridesmaid dresses! We can't get enough of our own bridesmaid dresses for the spring and for good reason. This spring, Dessy has some beautiful bridesmaid dresses that all your girls will just swoon over long after the wedding is over! Check them all out!

Beautiful photographs are a must. You will want to embrace the season with some beautiful wedding photos outdoors. Spring is a great time because it's not too hot yet and it isn't cold either. So take advantage of this time and enjoy. Don't forget to take a selfie!

Outdoor themed weddings. Spring allows for beautiful outdoor themed weddings. Want to have a garden themed wedding? Or have your wedding in a beautiful park on a Sunday (Sundays are cheaper for weddings nowadays!). Or bring the outdoors in with beautiful spring floral arrangements; incorporate lush greenery throughout your wedding.