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What Weddings Would Be Like If Bridesmaids Didn't Exist

Just stop for a minute and think. What if there was no such thing as a bridesmaid? If having maids of honour was an unknown concept?

  1. The bride would feel a lot more stressed out in the build-up to the wedding because she wouldn't have a right hand woman to hand over stuff to

  2. There wouldn't be a hen party organised

  3. Nobody to help the bride choose her wedding dress (other than her family)

  4. Whose shoulder would the bride cry on when she feels overstressed?

  5. Nobody to help the bride out of her wedding car

  6. Who would make sure the bride eats something on the morning of her wedding (and has plenty of water/soft drinks so she doesn't get dehydrated)

  7. No pretty bridesmaids for the groom's party to flirt with

  8. No pretty bridesmaids frocks to admire

  9. The bride would have to discuss everything with her mum/sister/best friend - no back up team of bridesmaids to share ideas/pictures/selfies of herself with wedding hair ideas

  10. It would feel a bit lonely on the wedding morning getting ready without your girls around you

  11. Who would hold the bride's bouquet as she says her vows?

  12. Who would help the bride to adjust her veil, train and say a word of support as she steps off to walk down the aisle?

  13. Who would witness the signing of the register?

  14. Who would walk down the aisle with the Best Man after the ceremony?

  15. Who would keep hold of an all-important clutch bag containing tissues, concealer and other must-have products the bride will need nearby on her wedding day?

  16. Who would help to break the ice at the wedding reception, acting as a greeter and introducing people to one another?

  17. Who would make sure the bride looks perfect for her wedding photographs, touching up her make-up if necessary?

  18. Who would get the party started by getting up and dancing once the first dance is over?

  19. Make sure the guest book is signed by everybody?

  20. Decorate the getaway car for the bride and groom so they set off for their honeymoon in style?

Yes, you can do without bridesmaids. But will you want to?