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10 Things Guests Should Never Do At a Wedding

10 Things Guests Should Never Do At a Wedding

Taking beautiful pictures like this one on a beach is definitely something guests should do at a wedding! Image by ShoreShotz1 Photography  Weddings are joyful occasions, two people are pledging their love in front of their closest family and friends.  Guests attending a wedding should be there to enjoy the day with the happy couple,  but while doing so, there are things they should never do at a wedding.  Here are a some we thought of:

Keeping their phones on during the ceremony and/or talking on the phone during the ceremony:  In any important function, like a wedding,  guests should be respectful by turning their phones off  during the wedding ceremony.  It is distracting to the couple and other guests wanting to embrace this special moment in the couple's lives.  At least put the phone on silent, so that you can still take pictures!

Don't Get in front of the Photographer: If the couple are trying to have photos done during the ceremony and reception,  guests shouldn't get in front of the photographer and ruin the shot.  Allow the photographer to do his or her job before monopolizing the couple with selfies and other photos.

Drink too much because it’s an open bar:  Just because it is open bar,  going overboard and drinking too much is simply not acceptable. It's important that guests are respect to the couple and other guests.

Don’t show up without a gift to the wedding:  Whether it is a monetary gift or a gift off the registry, it is good etiquette to show up with a gift.  A little something is better than nothing.

Don’t Leave before the cake is cut or before the food is served:  If you said "Yes" to attending the wedding, you are expected to stay through the entire wedding, unless you have some emergency to tend to.  Make sure to stay until the cake is cut, it's safe to leave as the wedding is dying down.

Monopolize the bride and groom during the receiving line: There are probably a ton of people who want to give their well wishes to the couple, so guests shouldn't monopolize them, give others a chance to offer their congratulations to the couple.  If you want to have more time with them later, wait until the reception to talk to them more.

Not wear the proper attire to the wedding: If it is a formal wedding, guests should be wearing formal attire. It is a good idea to put on the invitation the type of attire that is required.

Do not criticize the food, the music or any aspect of the wedding while you are at the wedding:  Telling the couple there is anything wrong about their wedding while at the wedding is just plain wrong.  It takes away from the couple's special day and makes the guest look bad all around.

Don’t wear white: Back on attire, the only person who should be wearing white is the bride.  No female guest should be wearing white to the wedding.

 Don’t take the centerpiece home unless the bride and groom tell you to:  If the bride and groom tells guests they may take the centerpiece home, especially if it is an arrangement, then that is fine, but if not. don't assume you are supposed to.

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