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What the Groom Needs to Do on the Wedding day

What the Groom Needs to Do on the Wedding day

Let's face it, the groom and his groomsmen don't have nearly has much responsibility or the hecticness of getting ready as the bride and her bridesmaids do. However, there are still a few things they will need to remember, and honestly some are obvious every day responsibilities.

Eat Breakfast or Coordinate a Breakfast: Coordinate a breakfast with your groomsmen, this is a fun way to get together on the morning of wedding. If you aren't coordinating a breakfast with your groomsmen, just make sure you actually eat breakfast.

Write Your Vows: If you haven't done so already, write your wedding vows. Since you will have more time than the bride, it is good to sit down and put pen to paper. When you're done, read it to your best man.

Send Your Gift Over to the Bride: Have one of the groomsmen send your gift over to the bride. It's nice to do it before everything gets too busy.

Shower, Shave and Get a Haircut: Not in this order obviously, but if you haven't done so already, go the barber and get a nice haircut and shave. This is good to do with your best man and groomsmen. Make sure you shower too!

Make Sure You Have All Parts of Your Tuxedo: This includes the cufflinks, the tie or bow tie, the vest and jacket. You will want to check on this a day or so before, so that you aren't scrambling on your wedding day. If you're looking for a tuxedo, check out all the latest looks at! Accessories are there too!

Make Sure You and Your Groomsmen Have Your Boutonnieres: The boutonnieres will probably be delivered, but make sure you and each of your groomsmen have them.

One thing not to do on your wedding day: See the bride before the ceremony!