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How To Make A Beautiful Hanger For Your Wedding Dress

It's the classic shot you're going to want in your wedding album.

A photograph of your beautiful bridal gown hanging up on the morning of your big day, all ready for you to wear.

Now I've been thinking about this and I thought what a good idea it would to be to create your own hanger for your wedding dress.

You don't have to be a whizz at wedding diy and you don't have to have days of free spare time either. In fact, even if this is the only thing you make for your wedding day, it'll be one that you can remember when you enjoy the photographs afterwards.

lace wedding dress on sequin hanger

So I've looked around and I've discovered a really straightforward tutorial on Lulu's blog which shows you exactly how to make a sequinned hanger for your wedding dress (as shown above).

In this image gold sequins feature, but of course you can use any colour sequins you want to.

You'll find full instructions here and all you need is the hanger, sequinned ribbon, glue, scissors and a spare evening.

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Featured image by David Bostock. 

Image of wedding dress on sequinned hanger via Lulu's Blog.