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Are Fasinators Over For Weddings?

It was Kate Middleton - the Duchess of Cambridge - who really put fascinators on the map a few years ago.

It seemed that every wedding she went to, she wore a confection of feathers, flowers and maybe a veil on top of her glossy locks.

And then every guest at a wedding got into the act seemingly - and some brides too.

So are we suffering from fascinator fatigue now? Is the fascinator moment over? Less fascinating for wedding guests?

No, I don't think so.

Avoiding 'Hat Hair'

For a start, they are very practical headwear to wear to a wedding for a number of reasons.

If you want to kiss someone hello (and there's often a lot of that at weddings) then a fascinator doesn't get in the way like a wide brimmed hat would.

And you also avoid the dreaded 'hat hair' that arises when you take a large hat off at the reception. In fact, a fascinator can stay on through the whole event - and if it's a cocktail style, it will look good throughout an evening reception.

Brides can also wear a fascinator instead of a veil - maybe a birdcage style fascinator?

grey wedding guest fascinator

Fascinator by Simply Devine What's happened is that fascinators have morphed slightly.

Now the trend is for sightly larger fascinators - which are more like saucer-shaped hats worn on the side of the head.

There are some great new styles out there on the High Street to consider. The trick is to try on different designs and see which suits your face shape and hairstyle best.