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Turquoise Bridesmaid Dresses

Turquoise bridesmaid dresses

When you learn that the colour Turquoise comes from the French word for Turkish, you begin to understand why this mixture of pale blue and green is so beautiful and soothing; just think of the seas around the Turkish isles and you'll see what I mean. And I guess that it also explains why holistic medicine practitioners believe that turquoise has a calming effect on patients; anything that evokes crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean can only but make you feel serenely happy.

Which is why therefore choosing turquoise bridesmaid dresses is such a great idea. Particularly if either the bride or groom is a Sagittarius, as Turquoise is the gemstone for that Star sign! But even if no-one at the wedding was born between November 22nd and December 21st, turquoise is still worth contemplating as the colour scheme for your wedding. For thousands of years Turquoise has been considered a holy gemstone, bringing good fortune or talismanic qualities. You don't have to be superstitious about these things, but it couldn't harm, surely, to take it as a good omen!

So I thought I'd show you some fabulous images of real Dessy Weddings where the bridesmaids have worn turquoise gowns; each bride has chosen distinct accessories and flower colours to create her own unique, beautiful wedding style, accentuating quite how versatile this colour is.

Just look at the vibrancy of the featured image at the top of this blog where the bride has chosen deep, dark, luscious blooms as a perfect contrast to the turquoise bridesmaid dresses, whereas below the bride picked the softest of pinks and creams, nestling between blue-grey and dark green foliage for her posies. With thanks to shopjoielle for both of these images.

turquoise bridesmaid dresses

For the next wedding, the bride chose various shades of turquoise, all in the same Alfred Sung style, in the appropriately named Seaside and Azure colours!

turquoise bridesmaid dresses

And lastly, this bride chose Dessy After Six turquoise bridesmaid dresses with pale purple sashes creating a very pretty, totally different look - don't the girls look fab?

With thanks to shopjoielle, and I Do Island Weddings, all via Pinterest, for these fabulous Dessy Real Wedding photos.