Illusion neckline Bridal Gowns

Illusion Neckline Bridal Gowns - sheer delight

There is something incredibly clever about an illusion neckline, where a more dramatic front - or back - is kept modest by a sheer fabric or lace appliqué. It allows you to wear a really quite sexy wedding dress but that fairy-light fabric covering keeps it perfectly in the realms of wedding modesty - genius! Take these two beauties from the Pronovias 2016 collection:

Illusion neckline by PronoviasIllusion neckline dresses

The lace looks almost like fingers of frosted flowers as it seemingly defies gravity at the back creating a very sensuous look that is still beautifully virginal.

Dessy also has a beautiful illusion neckline bridal gown where the lace appliqué on sheer tulle is used to create an unusual, one-shoulder style and flattering draped bodice above a fully shirred ballgown skirt - just see how wonderful it looks, especially from the back. Not only does the lace look stunning, but the feather-light tulle adds just enough covering to keep you a little warmer.

illusion neckline

 It's definitely a look that's worth considering, don't you agree?