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9 Unlikely Places to Pop the Question (She'll Love It, We Promise!)

9 Unlikely Places to Pop the Question (She'll Love It, We Promise!)As we head into engagement season, where men everywhere are holding engagement rings anxiously trying to find the best way to pop the question, we thought we would make this a little easier. We ask that you leave this post open on his desktop. You're welcome!

Her Childhood Home: If her childhood home was a place filled with wonderful memories, this could be a good idea for the perfect place for a wedding proposal. She can add this to all the wonderful memories she already holds dearly. It's a great way to show the connection between her past, present and future.

School Playground: Take her to the swing set or the sandbox and get down on one knee. This is especially a good idea if the two of you met as children. Chase her around a bit like kids do before you get down on one knee, to add to the fun.

Where You Two Met: This isn't entirely an unlikely place, but it could be unique depending on where you met. For example, take her to the coffee shop where you two first bumped into each other, or the laundry mat if you two met over the separation of whites and colors. It's sweet and different!

The Top of a Skyscraper: There isn't anything more beautiful than being proposed to surrounded by beautiful scenic views of a city. The top of Empire State Building perhaps?

On a Ski Lift: It will get hard to get down on one knee here, (wait until you get to the top) but how romantic is it to propose on the way to the top of a high mountain? It's a great way to say, "I am willing to soar mountain tops for the rest of my life with you."

The Same Place Her Parents Got Married: Do her parents have a wonderful love story? Emulate that by proposing to her where they got married.

A Place You Find Special: Is there a place you go to from time to time? Maybe it's the golf course or quiet place in nature that brings you peace and serenity? Take her there and get down on one knee and propose. It shows how committed you are to having her be part of your life forever, that you want to make this place the place for your proposal.

The Zoo: Nothing says he wants to take the plunge of getting married like proposing in front of the lion cages at your local zoo. In all seriousness, this could just be a fun idea if you two have a love for animals.

The Aquarium: If you can get someone at the aquarium to hold a "Will You Marry Me Sign" in the fish tank, all you will need to do is get down on one knee.. she will get the rest. A good one if she loves fish!

Ok girls, here are some ideas, now all you have to do is leave it where he can see it! Also, once he does propose, make sure to take a selfie and send it to us! Read this post by clicking Here to find out more information!

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Featured photo by Origin Photos.