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Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses with Celadon

When I was researching how to make your Maid of Honour stand out at your wedding, I came across this gorgeous photo (below) from Lucy Davenport Photography where the Maid of Honour's celadon dress complements beautifully the pale pink of the other bridesmaids' gowns, enhancing the overall effect to perfection.

mix and match bridesmaid gowns with CeladonCeladon is a term that was coined for ceramics, originally in China, which were created using a type of glaze and jade green which resulted in a soft, green-blue tone. Beautiful in its own right, you can see from the gorgeous Dessy bridesmaids below how fabulous celadon is when used as a single colour for your bridesmaids.

mix and match bridesmaid dresses with Celadon

But I believe that its beauty is enhanced when set amongst other colours and I would seriously consider mix and match bridesmaid dresses with celadon for an exquisite bridal party.

Take these images below, again from the talented Lucy Davenport Photography, where the bride has chosen to mix blush and passion (how very Jane Austen!) with celadon resulting in a beautiful colour combination which works brilliantly with the flowers too.

mix and match bridesmaid dresses with celadon

mix and match bridesmaid dresses with Celadon

For a different look, choose duskier tones to mix with celadon such as (from left) oyster, blush, taupe, palomino and suede rose as shown below.

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses with Celadon

Possibly my favourite combination of all is the one below. This more energetic and oh-so-pretty colour palette combines celadon with blush, rose, punch and suede rose. The introduction of the green prevents the overall look from being too saccharine and again, ties in so fabulously with the flowers - absolutely wonderful.

Pastels from Brides without Borders

And last but not least, mix the celadon in with other greens and blues for a nautical, refreshing look like the one below from Brideside via Pinterest.

mix and match bridesmaid dresses with celadon