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5 Must-Try Whimsical Hairstyles for 2016

5 Must-Try Whimsical Hairstyles for 2016

Finding a dress for the big day is no doubt a grueling task, but deciding on a hairstyle can often be even tougher. Considering trends and looking at consulting all the major editorials is the first step in finding the perfect style. We also always recommend playing around with your locks with your stylist prior to your special day.

This season we are drawn to a look that is whimsical, natural, and ultra feminine. Whether your wedding is set in front of the crashing waves or amidst the dainty wildflowers, consider a 'do that's a little undone for your bridal look. Give the traditional a little twist and get inspired by these current hairstyles that we adore encourage you to try out before the big day.

opalapple-styled-10 The Braid Within a Braid

This is a super intricate style for the bride looking for something quite unique. Twist the front two sections of your hair until they meet in the back of your head. Create a fishtail braid out of the top section of your hair and secure. With the underside of your hair create a very wide and loose simple braid. Towards the end of the braid, grab the fishtail braid, remove the hair band, and weave it in to combine your hair into one section at the end.

nicole berret

The Half Up Half Down With a Twist

If you can't decide between a beautiful braided updo and tousled waves, then how about both? Start by loosely braiding the two front sections of your hair. Overlap and connect the two braids in the back with bobby pins and hide any loose ends. Style the rest of your hair with a wide curling iron and sea salt spray.

cole logan3

The Slick Side Swept

Here, the old hollywood glamour side swept hairstyle gets a revamp with a slicker appeal. Comb back and gel the front of your hair. Apply a staggered row of bobby pins behind one ear and sweep your locks to one shoulder. Voila!


The Braided Headband

This is a must-try for boho chic brides that are opting out of the flower crown trend...create your own braided crown with your hair! First, take a large section of hair from underneath one side of your head. Braid it in the direction of the opposite side of your head. Attach the end of the braid with bobby pins and arrange hair to cover any loose ends. Style the front of your hair to frame your face.


The Wispy Low Bun

If you're going for more of a streamline look, then opt for more of a simple hairstyle to compliment. Part your hair in a deep side part. Tease the hair at the crown of your head. Gather a ponytail at the nape of your neck and attach with a hair band. Divide the ponytail into two and loosely twist and secure them around each other into a bun with bobby pins. Grab small pieces of hair to loosen the look and create more volume.

Photos by Valentina Glidden, Apryl Ann, Nicole Berret, and Cole Logan.