What Your Diamond Says About You

What Your Diamond Says About You

Every woman knows that “A Diamond Is Forever.” In today's culture an engagement isn't complete without sealing the deal with a sparkly ring. Quite a bit of thought should go into your engagement ring. With so many combinations of stones and bands, your groom to-be should enlist help to be able to narrow in on a style that has just as much character as you. Because the diamond is always the center of attention, we've decoded how the different cuts transpire into your bridal personality.




The radiant-cut diamond is a lover of light with plenty of sparkle to show for it.  This gem is loved by brides who aren't afraid to take the spotlight. Whether you opt for a daring dress or a well-known DJ, your guests will surely remember your wedding as an energetic party for years to come.

round brilliant

Round Brilliant

With 58 facets, a round brilliant cut gem sparkles like no other. You are a traditionalist to a T. You've dreamed about this day from the time you were five years old and you won't leave out a single detail. You want everything to appear timeless, so you pick a tulle ball gown and hire a violin quartet to serenade you down the aisle.



Combining the styles of the oval and marquise cuts, this unique shape is a perfect choice for those who thrive off of independence. You play by your own rules and your motto is that two is better than one. You probably opted for a destination wedding because of the nature of a vacation and ceremony in one! emerald


This retro-inspired design was more of a traditional style in previous decades. The cut tends to show any flaws the diamond may have, meaning that you love to take risks but in a way that is effortless and cool. You are drawn to minimalist elegance, so your ceremony will never feel over the top.


You love glitz and glamour which is why your ring is most importantly a statement. Think classic elements that also incorporate current trends. Underneath it all you are a hopeless romantic, and your wedding will not be short of luscious roses in rich hues.

 Photo by Vasilis Lagios Photography. Rings by Betteridge.