Vibrant Red Bridesmaid Dresses

It's very interesting choosing your wedding colours or theme, as it makes you take a good look at yourself. What is it about your personality that you want to be reflected in your wedding? Is it how you perceive yourself or how you want to be perceived?

It's undoubtedly an easier question to answer if you are an extrovert, because on the whole, you love the fact that you're bubbly and gregarious and you don't care who knows it! So if you've got an energetic, vivacious personality, you will probably choose warm, bold colours for your flowers or for your bridesmaids to wear...or both!

vibrant red bridesmaid dresses

I absolutely love the photo above, taken from's blog of this joyful Australian bride and her equally as happy girls dressed in their vibrant red bridesmaid dresses. And what fabulous flowers - a cascade of deep reds, purple reds, pink reds all interspersed with delicate, bridal-white roses. As the bride said, it was particularly helpful choosing her bridesmaid dresses from shopjoielle as her four bridesmaids had differing body shapes so although she wanted all the bridesmaid dresses to be the same bold red colour, she knew that she needed a variety of styles. And that's exactly what shopjoielle's supplier offers.

They can even supply ties (and waistcoats too) for the groom and usher in the same fab colour - Claret - for a really coordinated look:

vibrant red bridesmaid dresses

From the left we have the beautiful bridesmaids dressed in chiffon gowns in Dessy Style 2894288629052907.

If you have a younger bridesmaid, then Dessy also offers a selection of vibrant red bridesmaid dresses that are specifically designed to suit teenagers, like this stylish Junior Bridesmaid dress JR530. And how lovely to give your bridesmaids a matching friendship bracelet or minaudière as a reminder of your special day?

vibrant red junior bridesmaid dresses for younger girls

And don't leave the boys out: Dessy has a fine selection of ties, cravats and waistcoats that coordinate perfectly with many of the bridesmaid dresses - you can even give the ushers cufflinks and studs to match!

Vibrant red accessories for the groom

And of course, such a fabulous colour red is the epitome of romance so it would almost be churlish NOT to choose it for your wedding, don't you think?