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15 signs you're turning into a bridezilla

Okay we get it. Planning and organizing your wedding day is fabulous but can also be unbelievably stressful.

You want it to look and be just the way you always wanted - but when you have setbacks (like not being able to get the photographer you want) it's easy to lose it and start turning into that person you always swore you'd never be. A bridezilla.

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If you recognise yourself doing any of the following then you're already showing bridezilla symptoms ...

  1. You chase people up when they don't respond to your Save The Date message (and the wedding is two years away).
  2. You've asked your wedding photographer NOT to take shots of any gorgeous female guests. You are the star of the day and nobody is going to eclipse you thank you very much.
  3. You're monitoring your bridesmaids calorie/carb intake
  4. And you've set up a What's App group for your bridesmaids so that you can keep them informed of all aspects of your wedding planning. If you don't get double blue ticks you're onto them.
  5. You send your bridesmaids photographs of how you'd like them to do their hair, suggesting they grow it/cut it/color it.
  6. Your other half now glazes over/falls asleep/ leaves the room/puts on headphones whenever the word 'wedding' is mentioned.
  7. Same applies at work with colleagues. In fact every sentence you utter nowadays includes the word 'wedding' somewhere.
  8. You've chosen the wedding dresses you want for your bridesmaids and your word is law. Never mind that some of them don't suit short hemlines, frills, plunging necklines, pale pink satin, big bows ...
  9. You have a temper tantrum when your friends leave your house at 11pm because they have work the next day and they've only crafted 200 of the 2000 paper flowers you want made.
  10. You're completely obsessed by weddings on Pinterest.
  11. You have 75 wedding-themed apps on your phone.
  12. You haven't read a newspaper or novel since getting engaged. Just wedding magazines and blogs. As a result you have no idea about what is happening in the outside world.
  13. Your girlfriends seem strangely busy when you suggest meeting for a walk/coffee/lunch/movie. (Clue:you've turned very boring.)
  14. You tell your florist to try harder when she says that it will be impossible for you to have daffodils and tulips in your wedding bouquet. (It's September.)
  15. Your wedding theme colors are Tiffany blue and silver, and that includes the dress code. So you've included Pantone swatches with your wedding invitations so your guests get the exact shade you're after.