15 things you should know about choosing wedding shoes


  1. This is your opportunity to choose shoes you adore. So if you've always wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos or Manolos then indulge. Choose a pair you won't just want to wear on your wedding day. If you get to wear your dream shoes over and over again then they work out to be far less expensive.
  2. Don't feel you have to choose white or ivory shoes. Metallics, bronze, silver and gold can also work well and are more practical for future wear (see note above on buying wedding shoes you LOVE). 
  3. Wear your shoes indoors on the carpet before your big day for three reasons. First of all, you want them to mould themselves to your feet so they feel comfortable and don't rub. Secondly, if you're wearing heels (and you don't generally) then you want to get used to walking in them. Thirdly, if you wear them on the carpet you run less risk of scuffing them.
  4. If you're getting married in an ancient castle or somewhere with a precious wooden floor, you may find that stilettos are banned. Best to find out before you make any shoe style decisions. 
  5. When you're being fitted for your wedding dress, take your shoes with you so the fitter can see how your wedding dress hangs and how the length works with your intended heel height. 
  6. Think about the style of wedding day you're having and choose your shoes accordingly. For example, if you're marrying on the beach then high heels aren't really called for. Instead have that perfect pedicure and go barefoot or choose a beautiful pair of wedding flats. On the other hand, if you're having a chic city wedding, then you can choose whatever heels you like! 
  7. You may love skyscraper heels but they may not be the best choice for your wedding day. You've got to wear them all day - and if you're having a show-off first dance, they may be difficult to dance in. Better to wear heels that are manageable. You don't want to be grimacing in pain. Also, very high stilettos have a habit of getting stuck in hems, which is a problem you can do without. 
  8. On the other hand, you could change into a pair of shoes just for dancing. Save the heels for standing and greeting guests. But make sure they're not too different in height or your dress won't fall correctly (and may even drag on the floor).
  9. Don't feel that shoes don't matter if you're wearing a long gown. Your feet are still going to peek out from underneath so make sure your shoes offer a magical glimpse.
  10. Brightly colored wedding shoes can work perfectly, particularly if you're having a bit of a boho theme. You can wear red, emerald green - whatever catches your fancy
  11. If you find the perfect style of shoe but not in the color you want, then remember you can have them professionally dyed.
  12. On a tight budget? You can dress up an inexpensive plain pair of court shoes with jewelled shoe clips to completely change the look. 
  13. It's important to make sure that the fabric of your shoes complements your gown. The best way of doing this is to take a swatch of your wedding dress fabrics - or a Pantone color that matches - and hold it against the shoe to see if they work together. 
  14. Also, even if you're having a vintage wedding, it's best to buy shoes that are new. Wear them in - as described above - and have them dyed if necessary. If you buy vintage shoes then they may well break on your big day - which would not be an ideal scenario! 
  15. Finally, scratch leather soles before you wear them so you don't slip.

Image credits clockwise from top: Wedding Chicks, Weddbook, Wedding Chicks, Wedding Chicks, Giodanodieci.